All My Flowers:
Are Dead

Toronto, ON

The objects around us are more than the function they’ve been created for; they inherently express the values and realities of the context in which they’ve been designed. In an exploration of this theme, All My Flowers: Are Dead seeks to explore how the vase can be reinterpreted as an object that responds to current realities. Exloring a broad range of topics, from economic pressures on Millennials that limit resources of time and money to environmental concerns such as water scarcity and plant extinction, the vase addresses a variety of disparate realities.  

The vase distills these harsh realities into something digestible and beautiful. If Millennials are incapable of the time and money required to maintain fresh flowers with frequent water changes, and if decorative floral agricultural practices are harmful to the environment and water resources are limited, the vase addresses them all by creating an object that is not able to contain water. Through this simple design adjustment, the vase dictates its use, and its non-use: it restricts the use of resources that both the user and the environment cannot support. 

The form itself is a shadow of its former function, maintaining the general volume of a typical vase but without the skin, reduced to its skeleton. Enhancing the skeletal qualities, the vase is ceramic, which requires an entropic process of several firings.